Where do I get the CD?
My friend is with another ISP but wants to subscribe to Webmail, what does he have to do?
About Webmail
What are the minimum requirements for my PC?
Will I have access to the restricted portions of MWEB's portal?
What services do I get?
Do I have to take out a contract with Webmail?
What are my payment options?
For how long will your price be fixed?
How often will I get invoiced?
What do I need for security and secure websites?
My email/addressbook has gone missing, what do I do to get them back ?
Why does my email keep asking me for a username and password? I enter these and it comes back asking the same again.
Why am I disconnected after receiving only message 3 of 5?
How much space do I have for email?
How much Webspace will I be entitled to?
What happens to my previous personal Web Site which I created at another ISP?
What do I need to create my own web site?
Point Of Presence (POP) Numbers (to dial into):
Does Webmail cater for Telkom's Surfmore package?
How do I subscribe to the ISDN option with Webmail ISP?
What can ISDN do for me?
What ISDN options are available?
What do I need and how much will ISDN cost?
Steps to order ISDN line from Telkom
What is ADSL?
What hardware do I need to connect via ADSL?
How do I get an ADSL line?
What does an ADSL line cost?
What is the difference between ADSL, ISDN and Diginet or leased line services?
How much can I download?
How do I check how much I have download so far?
Can I still use my ordinary analogue phone with my ADSL line?
What bandwidth do I get with my ADSL service?
What service guarantees does ADSL give?
Who do I contact for ADSL problems?
Can I run a mail/web server at the end of my ADSL line?
When setting up my ADSL account, are there details, such as phone numbers, which I need to change?
What mail and news server settings should I use?
Are your MTU settings correctly configured?
What about security?